Simple Oatmeal {Dairy-Free}

Sometimes I feel guilty for being so bland around here.  I really do.  But after nine years into food allergies, the one best lesson I have learned is to keep things simple.  I have so many irons in the fire and simple is how I survive.  And thrive.  And enjoy life.  :)  

So I snapped a picture of one of the boys' favorite breakfasts.  It's oatmeal with brown sugar and "butter".  We have matured in our oatmeal pursuits.  From instant to quick to old fashioned and now onto steel cut.  We absolutely love the steel cut oats.  It takes more time, but now instant tastes like mush to us.  

We also still dabble in old fashioned oats.  And we use quick oats for no-bake treats. Pumpkin Oat Balls.  Energy Bars.  Protein Bars.  

For our morning oatmeal, we use Earth Balance Buttery Spread.  The whole family does. Not just our dairy allergic son.  It tastes fine to all of us, and it's the only butter we use in the house.  If you can't have soy, you can use the soy-free Earth Balance.

And the brown sugar will always be a struggle in this house.  My boys enjoy too much of it.   

On a really good day, we add some cinnamon and raisins to the mix.  FANCY!  ;)  

An interesting side note...Graham was allergic to oats as a baby.  The baby cereals gave him a raw bottom.  And Aveeno with oatmeal gave him a horrible reaction.  He then tested allergic for sure.  Eventually he could eat it.  And it's his favorite breakfast now.  

How about you?  How does your family like your oatmeal?  

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