A So Delicious Ice Cream Date {Dairy-Free}

Afraid of ice cream shops? We are! We don't risk them with life-threatening milk allergy.

Even if they stock dairy-free ice cream, it's usually in open containers that are prime for cross-contamination. Or sometimes they even label something dairy-free, and it's not.  I've seen this with my own eyes. YIKES!  Be careful.

But despite this roadblock, Miles and I have managed to find a safe way to enjoy ice cream out on the town.

We hit Target or Hy-Vee and choose our own pints of So Delicious coconut milk ice cream. It's actually reasonably priced, too. Like the price of a large DQ Blizzard? Food allergy win!

After checking out, we hit the cafe seating and enjoy eating our ice cream together. Out. Like in an ice cream shop. With lots of smiles and good conversation about how awesome we are to think of this idea.  

Here's a tip, bring your own spoon from home because the plastic spoons in the cafe may not be individually wrapped.  

Miles absolutely loves it when we do this, and I look forward to many more ice cream dates with my boys.  

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