Dairy-Free Coffee Creamer ~ Canned Coconut Milk

A FB reader recently asked what my favorite dairy-free coffee creamer is.  And that is a loaded question for me.  Because I have tried a LOT!  

When we began with food allergies, I actually believed the flavored, sugary mainstream creamers labeled "dairy-free" on the bottle.  NOT!  SOOOO not dairy-free...and full of sugar.  

So I wised up and started using dairy-free milks in my coffee.  Soy milk.  Then almond milk. Only problem here was that the milks were so thin.  Not quite what I was used to having in my coffee.  

Then enter the experiment with bulletproof coffee.  Coconut oil.  You heard me right.  I'd put a big glob of hardened coconut oil into my coffee and then blend it up in the blender.  It was a great way to add another thing to clean in the morning...the blender.  And it tasted like...well, oil in my coffee.  I kept at it for awhile in the name of healthiness and good fats.  But I couldn't maintain that phase for very long.  

Next I went to half & half.  Yes, this is dairy in a big way.  It was a risk in our house.  And I really liked it.  But having milk in the house was too weighing on me.  

FINALLY, I found my best dairy-free creamer option at a friend's house.  It does all the things I want coffee creamer to do:  

1.  It tastes good
2.  It makes my coffee light brown
3.  It's thick.
4.  It's dairy-free
5.  It is good healthy fat

It's CANNED COCONUT MILK.  It's absolutely perfect, and I look forward to my daily coffee now. Does it taste like coconut?  I'm sure it probably does.  I'm used to it so I can't really tell anymore. And adding sugar may make a difference.  It's worth trying.    

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