Creamy Chipped Chicken on Toast {Dairy-Free}

This is one of our favorite "leftover chicken" recipes, and it's super easy to make. This recipe usually comes a night or so after our roasted chicken dinner, and it's a nice way to use up dark meat. 

Growing up, we ate "chipped toast" with a white sauce made from milk and flour. But I have since learned to make our chicken toast more flavorful by including chicken broth. It's so tasty this way. 

If you don't LOVE the taste of milk alternatives for cooking creamy dishes, the added chicken broth definitely helps deter some of that taste.  

I simply make up this chicken gravy recipe over at Tammy's Recipes, and serve it over toast. On a good day, I will make up biscuits but toast is easier.  

We use our own chicken broth, which is a-mazing, for this recipe. But if you want store-bought, check the Swanson brand to see if it's dairy-free.


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