Dairy Allergy and Bone Health

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I just had to re-order my bone supplement so I thought I would share it with you. The doctors actually found that I had osteopenia at age 35, the early stages of osteoperosis. And here is why.

I have food sensitivities, myself.  Most notably, grains and straight dairy. But I ate them all my life.  

Eating foods I didn't digest well led to acid reflux.  

So the doctors put me on Nexium in college, and I was on it for a DECADE! This was before I was cautious about meds and their side affects.  

When the doctors saw I had thinning bones, I figured out that was a side affect of Nexium and the doctors agreed. Determined, I weaned myself off the purple pill as quickly as possible.

Weening off Nexium and other anti-acid meds is very, very hard! But with diet and supplements, I did it.  

Unfortunately, now I have bone damage. My chiropractor recommends New Chapter as a whole-food supplement to help keep my bones as strong as possible. 

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