Bacon Sandwich {Dairy-Free Kid Lunch}

I have one picky eater in our house. But when it comes to bacon, I don't have to beg anyone to eat. My kiddos love a big bacon sandwich. In their minds, lettuce and tomato are optional although BLT is the way I roll. And I love my bread toasted while they like it soft. Mayonnaise is also optional, and it's great that there are now vegan choices out there (egg-free!).

If your house is like mine, just fry up the whole dang package of bacon because it will all be eaten, with or without the bread. I'm actually starting to cook mine in the oven, and that's been awesome!

I know some food allergy families shy away from bacon but we have never had a problem with it. Be sure to read labels, of course. 

As for lunch trays, they make us happy. Check these fun trays out on Amazon. I may have to add to my collection! {affiliate}

Bacon Sandwich on safe bread with mayo (toasted bread)
Sweet Peas
Smore (graham cracker, chocolate pillsbury icing, marshmallow fluff)
Silk Unsweetened Almond Milk with a drop of Vitamin D


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