4-Store Grocery List for Food Allergy Families

If you are anything like me, food allergies mean that you can't just do all your grocery shopping at one place.  It's rather annoying, actually.  But it's a way of life at this point.  

Aldi for inexpensive produce and a few other items.  Target for some specialty foods.  Hy-Vee for a LOT of specialty foods.  Their health market is amazing!  The local health market on occasion.  And sometimes I gotta hit Walmart, too.  

With the new year, I made some printables for my home binder and a few other sheets for managing our home better.  

And having a four-store grocery list seemed like a good idea for us.  My hubby knows if we run out of something, he can write it on the list magnetized to the refrigerator.  I love that this system works for us.  

When I go shopping, I take the list down from the frig and fold it into four quadrants so it fits nicely into my purse.  

And since I was doing this for myself, I figured I may as well make this a handy printable available for all of you, too.  So feel free to CLICK HERE TO PRINT.  

How about you?  How many grocery stores do you have to frequent to get all the allergy-free grocery items on your list?  What are your favorite stores?  Please comment and share!

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