Dairy-Free Magical Chocolate Marshmallows

On our Facebook Page, we allergy moms were recently joking about all the things we were dipping into dairy-free chocolate for Christmas treats. Yes, it's the little things when you are a food allergy parent. And one reader posted this gorgeous picture. I just had to share!

Here is Elizabeth's write-up for us.

My baby is turning 3 this January. She's allergic to dairy and eggs. My older two are ages nine (almost 10, he will want everyone to know!) and seven. They loved these treats and so did their two friends. We enjoyed them with our favorite hot cocoa recipe by Hershey's, using almond milk. Substitute whatever milk works for your family.  

It makes me so happy to be able to share something so delicious with everyone because as you know, living with a milk allergy can be challenging. I hope you give these a try and see how sweet life is...even with food allergies!

Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips
Jet Puffed Marshmallows 
Edible Iridescent Dust
Sugar Crystals
Candy Canes

Melt chocolate over a makeshift double boiler. Dip safe candy canes and marshmallows into the chocolate. Sprinkle with sugar crystals and edible iridescent dust. Let set in refrigerator or freezer.  

The kids had so much fun with these magical treats. They swirled the candy canes into their hot cocoa and dropped the marshmallows right in!


Original Post: 12-14-14

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Jennifer N said...

Love this. Simple and yummy! Would love to know the recipe for the hot chocolate.