Oreo Truffles {Dairy-Free}

Thanks to dairy-free cream cheeses now on the market, we were able to conjure up some tasty Oreo Truffles. It took a little experimenting to get the cream cheese-to-Oreo ratio right for my taste but that was the only tricky part.  

I was conservative with the cream cheese here. BUT, you may want to add more cream cheese to your recipe. It's definitely subjective to what suits your taste buds.  

Just roll the truffles in powdered sugar instead of dipping them in chocolate. I love this simple idea from a reader, Cassandra. I need to conserve my expensive dairy-free chocolate for when it's absolutely necessary, Puppy Chow and Pan Smores!   

But if you do want to dip your Oreo truffles in chocolate, try the dairy-free chocolate coating that I do with my chocolate popcorn. You will like the way it sets.  

You could also add some mint extract to the mixture for Mint Oreo Truffles.


Makes 18

20 Crushed Oreos
1/4 Container Dairy-Free Cream Cheese
Powdered Sugar

Crush 20 Oreos in a food processor or in a baggie with a rolling pen or meat tenderizer. My boys love this job of beating the cookies to death. 

Blend together the crushed Oreos and cream cheese. I love my Kitchen Aid mixer for this job.  

Form the mixture into 1" balls. I use a melon baller.  

Roll truffles in powdered sugar.  

May be served immediately. Store in refrigerator. When served from refrigerator, let warm to room temperature first. 

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