Chocolate Covered Pretzels {Dairy-Free}

Every Christmas, we get sort of obsessed with melting dairy-free chocolate and covering just about everything in it. 

Enjoy Life chocolate chips are usually our go-to. Have you seen our dairy-free Peanut Butter Cups?

And know what else is great dipped in chocolate? Pretzels! We especially like to use pretzel rods and make good use of the Christmas sprinkles on the Pillsbury frosting tubs (contain soy).

To get the perfect dipping chocolate, I heat our chocolate over the stove and thin it with a little coconut oil. You can use a microwave and vegetable oil if you prefer. You can even skip the oil if you'd like. It just thins down the chocolate and coconut oil helps it set better.

1/2 cup dairy-free chocolate
1 Tbs coconut oil
dairy-free pretzels

Melt chocolate and coconut oil over medium heat on stove or in microwave. Make sure no water gets into the mixture. Stir often until melted and take off heat. 

To dip large pretzel rods, I like to pour the melted chocolate into a glass jar. Super easy for the kids.

Prepare wax or parchment paper on a cookie sheet or cutting board.

Dip pretzels into chocolate and top with sprinkles.

Set pretzels on wax or parchment.  

Once pretzels are done, put them into the freezer to set.   

Once set, remove from freezer and enjoy. Keep extras stored in an airtight container.

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