Christmas Treats at Natural Candy Store {Dairy-Free}

Original Post 12-14

Natural Candy Store is our favorite place to shop for safe specialty candies for Christmas. The kids have come to expect these rare treats in their stockings and thankfully Santa always delivers.

And hey, I may just pick the free sample candies to enjoy for myself, like maple syrup candy!

The online store prides themselves on no artificial dyes, colors, or preservatives. And they have a whole allergy-free line. You can even narrow your search by specific allergies or dietary needs.

Pictured are some of my favorite dairy-free, allergy-free items for Christmas that we are ordering. 

Safe chocolate candy bars are one thing, but chocolate in the shape of Santa on a stick?! Now that's festive. Same with chocolate trees wrapped in beautiful colored foils, just like the local candy stores. 

All natural candy canes are to die for! I simply can't eat normal candy canes, now. Even the red dye is natural and the minty flavor is subtle and perfect. You will have to try these. 

New to us this year are the Glee "blow pops" great for big kids. These have to be bought in bulk on Amazon so I appreciate Natural Candy store allowing us to buy them in smaller quantities. My son won't even believe there's such thing as gum in a sucker!

Always check labels for yourself.

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