Milk-Free Find ~ Back to Nature Crackers

Any of your milk allergy kiddos addicted to crackers? Because mine is! My son consumes them by the sleeves, plain. 

We ran out of Ritz the other day, and he asked me to get more asap. The only time he wants to write is on the grocery list. ;)

While I've been known to keep our son stocked on mainstream dairy-free crackers, lately I've been more aware of artificial ingredients and chemicals in these foods.

So this time when we headed to the store, before settling on Ritz like usual, we took a look around the health market at Hy-Vee for something healthier. And surprisingly, we discovered Back to Nature Crackers Classic Rounds. These are completely new to us, and the boys devoured them. Maybe our Ritz days are over.

Sure, these are going to cost more than mainstream crackers, but check out the minimal ingredient list. That's worth it to me. With some strict budgeting, I'm able to purchase healthier groceries in a quality over quantity pursuit. 

The Back to Nature Website is helpful and informative in regards to special diets, and you can even select just dairy-free products to be listed. I love that. Of course all the ingredients are listed, too. 

Do be mindful that they don't consider sesame seed as an allergen or related to tree nut. We were told to avoid it with a cashew allergy. 

I also can't find any information on their site about processing procedures. That may warrant a phone call by some allergy parents.  

If Back to Nature is not available in your area or if you just really like the convenience of shopping online and having food delivered to your door, you can grab this brand online at Amazon. I'm a Prime Member and often take advantage of this convenience.  

As an added bonus, check out how these crackers can be made into Thin Mint Cookies.


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