Halloween with Food Allergies {Dairy-Free}

Original Post 10-14

Are you curious how to safely do Halloween with food allergies? I was sure stumped in our early years. 

But after 10 years of Halloweens with food allergies, I now have a few tricks up my sleeve. And we always have a safe and fun day. Maybe you will find these ideas helpful, as well.

Open House
Typically, we stay close to home and have a crock pot soup and light dinner set for the night. Grandparents and neighbors stop in with safe treats. Neighbor kids come hang out. We trick-or-treat for maybe an hour, but the rest of the night is just hanging out with friends at the house. The kids love the chance to run around outside in the dark yard with glow sticks, and we have a fire pit going for neighbors and guests to enjoy. In general, a safe laid back night with family and friends is our aim.

After we go through all the trick-or-treat candy, the kids trade milk-free snacks to Miles. And then we offer the kids money or a new toy for the bulk of their candy. It's never really about the candy for us.

Here are some other suggestions for a safe Halloween.

Halloween Dinner
Dairy-Free Vegetable Soup 
Hot Dogs
Easy Apple Cider Dairy-Free Pan Smores

Halloween Activities
Watch a Halloween show
Carve or paint pumpkins
Roast pumpkin seeds
Drink apple cider 
Sit around a bon fire 
Roast marshmallows
Make smores together
Eat popcorn balls
Dip apples in caramel
Whip up some pumpkin spice cookies

Dairy-Free Halloween Treats
Teddy Grahams
Gummy Snacks
Dum Dum Suckers 
Mike & Ikes 
Laffy Taffy
Enjoy Life chocolate candy bars
Smartie Candy Necklaces
Non-food trinkets
Glow sticks
Coins & money
Specialty treats from Natural Candy Store

Be sure to check labels for yourself. Ingredients can change.

Autumn Events
During October and November, there are plenty of fall events.  Some with food, some without. Do your research early and decide if you want to check any out.  When the kids were toddlers, we made a bigger deal of these things rather than of Halloween night.  Color drives, costume parties, library events, nature walks, weenie roasts, etc. kept us busy all autumn long. 

Teal Pumpkin Project
Now that the Teal Pumpkin Project has taken Halloween by storm, we look forward to even more safe events and trick-or-treating in years to come. 

Leave a comment and let us know some safe ways that you do fall fun and Halloween. We'd love to hear!

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Misty Straley said...

Thank you for your encouragment...like always! :) We made it through our first Halloween with food allergies successfully! :)

Theresa said...

For some reason your posts stopped updating on my blog sidebar. Weird. We had hamburger veggie soup for Halloween too!

We've started some dairy with Konnor, yogurt and cheese. Took quite sometime for him to adjust, but the allergist said proceed unless he becomes super uncomfortable.

Seems so strange to be narrowing down our list of "bad" foods.

Jamie Kaufmann said...

I'm glad Konnor will give dairy a try! Unlike Graham and eggs now. I tell Miles that if/when he outgrows milk, he may not even like it as many kids have acquired a taste for the alternatives. Our neighbor's child outgrew milk as a toddler and still at 9 he prefers rice milk. ;) But I know it's important for them to be exposed daily. Yay for Konnor!

Porsche said...

Thanks for your blog. I just found out yesterday my son has a milk allergy and was horribly depressed that his childhood would be ruined, so finding your advice was a life-saver (mine, not his). ; )

Where do you get your cinnamon syrup or do you make it? Thanks!

Jamie Kaufmann said...

Hi Porsche,
Best wishes on your new adventures. You are on a new track to some healthy living and later you will really embrace it! :) I know we do. But hugs to you also as you adjust and learn...it's always a process. I actually just googled how to make cinnamon syrup and I posted the recipe on this blog. I hope that helps!