Sweet Baby Rays Pork Chops {Dairy-Free}

When we first started dealing with food allergies, I questioned what in the world we would be able to eat?  How does one make dinner without Cream of Chicken soup from a can?!

Now, 9 years later, I laugh at how limited my cooking skills were.  And I even despise the thought of using much from a can, especially Cream of Chicken soup!  About the only thing I now buy in can is tomato products when they are out of season.

There are so many good foods and meals to be made with REAL food.  If you are newer to food allergies, trust me when I say that you will someday be grateful for how they change the way you think about food.  And if you aren't new to food allergies, I'm sure you will agree with me that food allergies have made your eating a lot healthier.

I took this picture of a recent dinner just to give you an example.  Pork chops on the grill, wilted lettuce, sea salt potatoes, and strawberries and bananas.  All pretty straight up and delicious.

I do admit, grilling and garden season do help a lot for putting delicious, simple foods on the table.  In the winter, I make a lot of soups.  ;)

Also, you may see our "Milk-Free Find" here.  Sweet Baby Rays is our favorite BBQ Sauce, and it's even sold at Aldi.

When it comes to food allergies and cooking meals, I like to keep it simple but tasty.  How about you?  



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