Clean Bathrooms Safely Without Chemicals ~ E-Cloth Bathroom Set

I remember when I was pregnant and cleaning the bathroom was literally one of the scariest things. There I was in a tight little space, window open, fans on, trying not to breathe in all the bleach fumes. Trying not to damage my poor baby before he was even born. I know you moms can relate, right?  

So when I found e-cloth years later, I sure wished I had known about the products sooner. Now I clean most all of the bathroom without chemical cleaners and my little guys can even HELP because it's completely safe when we clean with e-cloth.  

As a disclaimer, I do use a cleaner in my toilet bowl. But all other parts of the bathroom are cleaned with water:  around the toilet, sink, mirrors, tub, floors, walls, baseboards, etc.

Here's a review by a kind reader:

"We have soapy shower issues.  If I don't wipe it down at least every 2 days, it will build up quickly. The bathroom cloth and polishing cloth are awesome for this.  I can actually FEEL when the bathroom cloth has picked up the soap. There's resistance, and then I can feel it just gliding along the surface, and when I check it with my hands or do the fingernail scrape test, it's totally clean. Before this cloth, I would have to spray it down with a cleaner, wait for the cleaner to work, keep the kids away, and choke on the "scent of clean" while I wiped it down. SO glad to use just water now." ~ Anonymous

And now you can try several of e-cloth's popular bathroom products in a cost-saving bundle. I own all the pieces in this Bathroom Starter Set and truly like them all. Remember, these are washable and reusable so you have no waste with these.

Bathroom Cloth
The Bathroom Cloth (yellow) is super plush, more so than the General Purpose Cloth, and is great for wet bathrooms. I wipe our bathroom sink daily with this!  It will also clean around the outside of toilets and in showers and tubs. Use a damp Bathroom Cloth as the first step to wiping mirrors, faucets, windows, and shower doors clean, and then follow up with a dry Polishing Cloth. Also try your Bathroom Cloth on tile and on the wall.

Bathroom Polishing Cloth & Glass Polishing Cloth
The Bathroom Polishing Cloth (yellow) and the Glass Polishing Cloth (coral) work in the same way. They will polish mirrors, faucets, windows, and shower doors for a streak-free clean. You can never have enough of these on hand.

Washing Up Pad
The Washing Up Pad, with its scrubby side, works great on soap scum build-up.  

Cleaning Pad
And the Cleaning Pad makes a great make-shift mop for wet floors. I know from experience. 

If you are tired of toxic fume when you clean the bathroom, you can purchase the e-cloth Bathroom Starter Set right here at Milk Allergy Mom with free shipping. If you have any questions, just ask.  Happy cleaning! 


Gratefulfoodie said...

This is my first visit to your site, but I must say that I am enjoying your thriftiness and baking ideas too! They go hand in hand. I had never heard about e-cloth too. Going to check it out.

J. K. said...

Thanks, Grateful for stopping in! We love your site. :)