Remove Make-Up With Just Water & Micofiber ~ E-Cloth Spa Set

I'm not going to lie, anything that makes my morning and evening routine faster, count me in!  
When e-cloth's CEO in the U.S. personally told me about the e-body line over the phone, I could not wait for it to come out and to give it a try. He was right, I can now remove MASCARA with just water.  It's impressive. And I just wash my face in the morning with a wet Face Mitt, like I'm in 5th grade again. Lazy and love it. The Exfoliating Mitt? Great for removing dead skin in the shower, and I even exfoliate my face with it regularly.  

If you want to simplify your face and body care, the e-body line and this Spa Value Set may be the answer for you, too. All three products are perfect. Washable and reusable. No more disposable products. No more eye make-up remover.  

E-Cloth Spa Value Set 

(1) 7.75" x 4.75" Exfoliating Mitt
(1) 6.25" x 3.5" Eye Cleansing Pad 
(1) 8.25" x 5.25" Face Cleansing Mitt 

Great news, you can purchase the e-cloth Spa Value Set and all other e-cloths right here at Milk Allergy Mom.  Free shipping. Happy Pampering!

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