Milk-Free Find ~ Moon Pie

Kudos to Jeff again for taking a moment to read ingredients in the store.  I love this man. We were at Farm and Home the other day, and he found that these Moon Pie products appear to be dairy-free despite even having a chocolate variety.  We put a feeler out on our FB page, read their website, and it sounded like these would be safe to try.

We first brought home the chocolate ones, and the boys were all over it.  So they went back the next day with Jeff to get the banana ones, too.  Leave me out of this, I do not need Moon Pies but I'm glad the boys have found a new treat.  :)

The website lists the varieties and their ingredients.  And this is the allergy statement on the website:

"MoonPies are manufactured on equipment that processes products containing peanuts, tree nuts, and eggs. The allergens that are common to all products produced by the bakery include wheat and soy. There are no milk allergens present that could come into contact with the equipment.
The equipment is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized between production runs. Cleaning effectiveness is verified through the use of allergen testing swabs."

Because of my son's severe cashew allergy, I actually called the company to ask what specific nuts were in the factory and if they were on shared lines.  The answer was that they make pecan pie on separate lines from the moon pies.  

Readers inform us that these can be found at Dollar General, Five Below, and perhaps other dollar stores.  :)




Jessica B said...

Hey Jamie. . .first thanks so much for your blog!! My question is. ..what about soy lecithin? I was told it is a dairy protein too??? It's in a lot of the stuff that people post As dairy free. ..I'm confused.

Unknown said...

Ok I have a grandson who can not have dairy but eats moon pies I'm soooo confused I thought moon pies had dairy in them #confusedintennessee

Jamie Kaufmann said...

Unknown, it probably depends on the brand. :)

kittykat said...

Soy letchin is made from soy. As someone with a dairy allergy it's confusing but safe :)