Thursday, March 20, 2014

Dairy-Free Chocolate Review & Giveaway ~ Amanda's Own Confections!

Today we have such a fun post and giveaway for you!  You are gonna love this.  

One of the top questions we receive here at Milk Allergy Mom is how to manage food allergies during the holidays.  The holidays are always geared heavily around food and that can be a huge stress for food allergy parents.

Even though I am not beyond filling Easter baskets with non-edibles like toys, duct tape, band-aid's, toothbrushes (that list just got worse as it went on, didn't it?!)...chocolate bunnies are a classic tradition, and all kids deserve to sink their teeth into some sweet, melt-in-your-mouth chocolaty goodness on Easter.  

That's why we were so thrilled to be able to sample some dairy-free chocolates made by Amanda's Own Confections.  Not only is the chocolate dairy-free, but it is free of the Top 8 allergens and is made on dedicated equipment!  The company is run by a mom whose daughter has milk allergies, and she certainly understands our needs as food allergy parents. 

Miles thought it was very cool (and safe) that a "Milk Allergy Mom" made these treats.  And I agree.  I love to support small businesses working hard to make a special difference.  

And Amanda's Own Confections is right here in the Midwest...Ohio.  Hello, from Illinois!

It was especially fun that we got to try some chocolates molded for Easter.  Trust me, you are going to want to fill your Easter baskets with Amanda's treats this year!

First we tried the little bunnies from the Large Garden Bunny Box.  It came with 17 adorable foil-wrapped chocolate bunnies in a decorative box filled with Easter grass.  My boys loved picking out different foil colors.  Let's face it, even if I can mold my own chocolate on a good day...I'm never going to foil-wrap them and make them this professional looking.  My boys definitely felt like they were getting "the real deal" with these candies!

Here is the size of the bunnies in the box.  Look at that detail.  This one promptly went into my mouth after its photo-shoot.

We also were sent the Gold Bunny Box with five larger chocolate bunnies.  Once again, the packaging on these was super.  Each bunny is tucked into its own little compartment, and there was a gold elastic cord around the box.  By the way, where did that go...I like to re-purpose stuff.  The boys have probably already found something to tie up with it.  Sorry about that.  "Gold cord not shown".  

And here is the grand finale of our samples...the Sunflower Cups!  Miles has never had a "real" Peanut Butter Cup so this was a huge treat.  We all had a little taste, but then he got to finish off the package.  He was completely giddy.  While Miles is no longer allergic to peanuts, I still couldn't find a Peanut Butter Cup safe for him.  Amanda's Own Confections totally got these right.  

These are still free of the Top 8 Allergens but unlike Amanda's other chocolates, the Sunflower Cups ARE processed in a plant where there is soy.  So just take note of that.  

I have made my own Peanut Butter Cups at home before, but they turned out nothing like Amanda's Own. One, I don't have a "cup" mold.  And two, my peanut butter was melting all over the place if not kept refrigerated.  Who wants to eat their peanut butter cup in the refrigerator? So I would definitely splurge on these in the future as "something I just can't make myself".  

Note, have a drink close by with these.  Miles learned the term "rich" while eating these...they are super rich (which translates to "delicious"!).  

Highlights of Amanda's Own Confections

SIMPLE INGREDIENTS!  Cane sugar, unsweetened chocolate, and coco butter.  That's it! Three easy ingredients.  No mystery ingredients, no chemicals.  Thank you Amanda's for keeping the junk out!  

UNIQUE TASTE:  We think these most taste like semi-sweet chocolate...which is perfect.  The chocolates melted in our mouths and had a really nice subtle taste...different than other dairy-free chocolate we've had.  I expected to see "vanilla" in the ingredients or some ingredient like that. The taste was certainly a new experience, and we want more!  ;)

ADORABLE PACKAGING:  I am grateful for the extra touches that Amanda's puts on the packaging.  What a delight for our children.  You could send these to someone as a gift and the packaging would convey that you really think they are special...with no work on your end!   

MANY HOLIDAYS:  From Valentine's to Christmas, Amanda's has you covered, including Easter, Graduation, and Halloween.  Their website is very easy to navigate so you can find exactly what you are needing.  And the shelf-life on the chocolate is about 10 months so stock up for the whole year!  :)

ADVENT CALENDARS:  I think this is HUGE!  Many of you will be excited to know that Amanda's sells allergy-free advent calendars for Christmas!  I will SOOOO be getting these. 

OTHER TREATS:  Amanda's sells others allergy-free treats like jelly beans and other chocolates like chips and clusters.  I just happen to really like molded chocolate.  ;)  

SUPPORT FOOD ALLERGY SMALL BUSINESS:  We have seen some well-loved food allergy businesses close their doors this year.  And that's disappointing as it hurts the progress we are making in the food allergy market.  I admire this mom who saw a need and did something about it.  You know she did not start this business to "get rich" but to help others.  

I like to keep our giveaways simple so I'm not going to MAKE you do this to enter...but please consider following Amanda's Own Confections now on Facebook.  :)  

Then the next time you are the in the market for some special allergy-free chocolates, head over to Amanda's and give them a little ordering love.  Remember, you will be supporting a fellow food allergy family.  

For Easter, order by April 10th at the latest.  Supplies are limited so consider ordering sooner! 

Now it's time for the fun part!  One of our readers will win a package from Amanda's Own Confections of their very own to try!  The winner will receive The Large Garden Bunny Box, a Chocolate Bar, aaaaaaaaand a 5" tall, SOLID chocolate sitting cute!  I hope I win!!! Ha, ha, just kidding.  I hope YOU win!  Thanks for joining us for our Amanda's Own Confection's chocolate review today!  

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Tell us what you like to put in your allergy-free Easter baskets!  We'd love to hear. 



Staci A said...

I'd put in safe chocolates, jelly beans, and fruit snacks. All my son's favorites!

Theresa said...

this is just amazing. I have two allergy kids and its so hard. I am definitely going to support this and I can't wait to get my chocolate bunnies.

Priya said...

This is awesome. Didn't do a big Easter Basket last year because my son as little but this year will be fun. He would love some chocolate "wabbits"! Thanks for the tip.

Ellie S. said...

I've put safe jelly beans and books in the past. I'd love to add these safe candies!

Janice said...

toys since it's the next best thing to food for kids

HedgeHogi said...

I love to put in puzzles abd small books at gmail dot com

My3Sons33 said...

It's so hard to find allergy-free treats. The best I can do is jelly beans.

Kellie's Camera said...

soy chocolate milk boxes :)

kelliescamera at gmail dot com

Stacey said...

My son loves skittles & suckers for candy and we usually add lots of non - food items...bubbles, kite, an Easter book, art supplies.
staceyrturner at. GMAIL dot com

Jennifer N. said...

Definitely ordering some! We have dairy and peanut allergies, so the sun cups look amazing!

For Easter we usually stick to fruity candy - skittles, jelly beans, etc. I usually stay minimal on the candy and fill the rest with books, toys, etc.

jennifernew81 AT Hotmail DOT com

Becky @ BoysRuleMyLife said...

Jelly bellies and gum. He loves gum! I also Do a lot of non food toys