Friday, March 7, 2014

Clean Windows with Just Water! Compare to Norwex.

We have had several e-cloth orders this week for window cleaning.  I have to give a shout-out to my new friend Stacy over at StacyMakesCents.  Thank you, Stacy, for recommending e-cloths from our online store here at Milk Allergy Mom.  We sure appreciate that!

We then ran out of the Buy 1, Get 1 specials on General Purpose and Glass Polishing Cloths, and I started getting emails and phone calls about what cloths people should order for window cleaning.  Good question...just in time for Spring, right?!

For window cleaning, you need 1 damp cloth and 1 dry cloth. 

In our store, there are many different combinations for getting both a damp cleaning cloth and a dry polishing cloth for cleaning windows.  Here they are:

Since I know you all love a bargain, I'm going elaborate a little bit more on that last option.

Apparently tucked away at the e-cloth warehouse were some Window Cloths called No More Chemicals. Maybe they were a prototype.  I'm not entirely sure.  But I got one, and I like it.  It's not an actual e-cloth brand, but it does have a 100 wash guarantee.  I figure that's about two years at my once-a-week wash rate. Not too shabby for two dollars and forty-nine cents!

I did a little testing, and the Window Cloth works best the first step of window cleaning.  If you are currently using General Purpose damp on your windows and want to free them up for something may want to pick up a Window Cloth at this rock-bottom price.

For the second step of cleaning your windows (and mirrors and glass), I recommend a Glass Polishing Cloth.  There are none on sale right now, but the low cost of the Window Cloth makes up for that!  Plus, $7.99 for a Polishing Cloth is still better than the Norwex price of $18.49 plus SH and tax.  There are four colors to choose from (coral, yellow, blue, and lavender).  


So for under $10.50, you will be set up with two cloths TERRIFIC for chemical-free window washing...using just water!  We guarantee that these cloths will clean better than any other product you have tried.  Are you ready for some squeaky clean windows this spring?!  

PS - Try these cloths on auto windows, too.  You will be amazed!

Thank you for supporting our work at Milk Allergy Mom!

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Helen said...

Im so glad I 'introduced' you two! I'm an avid reader and facebook follower of you and I had purchased ecloth from Azure Standard. I was telling Stacy how I LOVED cleaning now and then I happened upon your sale and told her and boom! :-)