Holiday Leftovers with Food Allergies

Today I want to share how I manage leftover holiday food in a way that keeps my son safe from his allergens. Hope these tips help!  

Right when we get home from a gathering, I start packaging up the leftovers. 

A little scotch tape, permanent marker, time, and concentration can go a long ways in keeping my son safe.  

In my tips for large family gatherings, I mention how I pull out enough safe food for leftovers from the very start of our meals. We put extra of Miles's food in containers and take them to Grandma's basement refrigerator where nobody will touch them. Labels are good, too.

When we come home with all our leftover food, it's still fresh in my mind what food is for whom so I start labeling right away. This way the rest of the family knows, and I don't forget.

And with this system the food doesn't get wasted or tossed out, and we can all enjoy our leftovers safely in the coming days. Plus, I won't have to cook, win! 

Please leave a comment and let us know any other tips for managing holiday leftovers safely.

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