Stove Top Hot Chocolate (Dairy-Free)

When winter approaches, my kids want hot chocolate constantly. Almost as much as I want hot lattes, so there's no judging here! Ask and you shall receive. After all, getting some nutrients into my kids via dairy-free milk is a great idea since we aren't exactly big "milk drinkers" on a daily basis. 

There are a lot of great homemade hot cocoa recipes that call for chocolate, and while we do have access to dairy-free chocolate, I'm not willing to melt it all away into hot cocoa. Our dairy-free chocolate is a precious commodity around here...used for cookies! :) So we stick to inexpensive cocoa powder for this recipe. With basic, inexpensive ingredients, we can whip up hot chocolate whenever we want.

And by making hot chocolate on the stove, you can serve up enough for family and friends!

Our hot chocolate recipe is not too sweet because my kids like to top it off with all kinds of goodies like candy canes, marshmallows, dairy-free whip, and even sprinkles. You can add more sugar to your liking.

There are several types of dairy-free milks that can be used in this recipe: almond, soy, coconut, and even hemp, flax, and pea! 

1/4 cocoa powder
1/4 cup sugar
dash of salt
1/4 cup hot water

2 cups dairy-free milk 
splash of vanilla

Whisk cocoa, sugar, and salt together in a medium sauce pan. Add the hot water and cook on medium heat, stirring constantly, until boiling. Add in the dairy-free milk while continuing to stir until heated through. Pull off heat before boiling. Add vanilla and serve with toppings of your choice. 

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Original Post:  12/06/13

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