What To Expect Article ~ 6 Options for Celebrating the Holidays with Food Allergies

Original Post  11/27/13

When What To Expect contacted me about writing an article about food allergies and the holidays, my first thoughts went to the "tried and true" check list for how to safely feed food allergy kids at big family gatherings.  Then as I sat down to write late one night (that's when my brain functions best), some deep emotions started stirring.

I had to take a step back and ask myself what was really going on. 

Truth be told, I wish my son didn't have food allergies.  We do the very best that we can to keep my son safe and to make sure that holidays are fun for him, but food allergies really do suck.  

So I decided my article needed to be a little more "real" about what we and so many other food allergy families deal with during the holidays.  It's not just about what foods are safe. There is so much more to managing these "big" days.

As you will read, my article ended up being about dealing with family gatherings. I already know from listening to our readers on Facebook that deciding how to handle holiday celebrations is a HUGE stress for many.  I wanted to offer options so food allergy families can find what works best to alleviate any dissonance.

I really struggled with submitting such a "non-enthusiastic" article.  I try to be upbeat about food allergies.  But this time, I went with my heart.  I hope you can appreciate the "realness", and take it in the way it was intended.  

Do you have a supportive family when it comes to food allergies and holidays?  If not, how do you cope?

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