Chocolate Mousse {Dairy-Free}

This is a favorite recipe of mine and Miles's. Chocolate Mousse, what's not to love?!

We simply use our Dairy-Free Whipped Cream recipe and add cocoa. It's a great way to consume healthy fats! 

Cans of coconut milk will have a white solid part and clear liquid part. You want the white solid fat to make whipped cream and mousse. Save the clear liquid for smoothies.  

The trick to this recipe is to choose your sweetener based on the texture of the coconut fat. If it's dry, add a liquid sweetener like syrup. If it's runny, add a dry sweetener like brown sugar. This is to maintain the ideal texture.

Also, if you buy the better brands of coconut milk, you can skip overnight refrigeration and make the mousse right from the can. We can get away with this when using Thai Kitchen brand.  


White Fatty Solid from 1 Can Full-Fat Coconut Milk
Sweetener of Choice
Cocoa Powder

Open can, without shaking beforehand
Let can sit in refrigerator, uncovered, overnight
The next day, spoon thick white fat off the top of the can
Store liquid in a separate container for a different recipe
Add sweetener of choice to the fat, to taste (Stevia, brown sugar, sugar, maple syrup, agave)
Add cocoa to taste

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Alisa said...

This is one of my favorite quick recipes!