Apple Crisp {Dairy-Free & Egg-Free}

October 13, 2013

It's apple season in all its glory, and Jeff deemed it time for a good apple crisp.  He was so ready that he made this one himself before I could get to it....using fresh apples from his mom's tree.  

I might also add that Jeff probably didn't want to take a chance on my making the wrong "cobbler"...the one he doesn't like as much as the "crisp".  We are finally working out this "misunderstanding" in our marriage.  

Jeff grew up eating apple CRISP with oat topping because his dad is allergic to wheat. However, some time early in our marriage I came upon a super easy fruit cobbler recipe. So every time Jeff would ask for a fruit crisp, I would make the cobbler.  Ooooops!  

Jeff informs me that he likes to use more apples than this recipe calls for.  He really packs them in.

For the butter, we used dairy-free Earth Balance Buttery Spread (which can also be soy-free if you get the right version). 

So here you go.  This is Jeff's FAVORITE apple CRISP recipe from Betty Crocker.

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