How to Make Allergy-Free Lunches Fun

Original Post 10-13

When GO Veggie kindly asked me to join with them to celebrate National School Lunch Week, I was game!  They were looking for some tips on how to pack fun food allergy lunches, and I thought that was a great idea.

I get this question so much on our Facebook page so I love this chance to help out.  Here are some creative ideas I have used for making food allergy lunches special for my kiddos.  


Emulate Mainstream, Allergy-Free Style

Sometimes my best ideas come when I hone in on something popular and then change it to dairy-free.  And many times it's dairy-free companies like GO Veggie that make that possible for me.  Check out how Miles was able to enjoy "cheesecake" recently! 

Ditch the Sandwich  
I was totally in a "sandwich rut" until a few years ago.  Graham was getting really bored with our lunches, and I had to get more creative. Now he will eat anything if it's called a "roll-up" or a "wrap".  Think tortillas, flattened bread, lettuce leaf, etc.  If you want to make a "sandwich", try crackers, bagels, or pitas to mix it up.  

Build Your Own Lunch  
Think "lunchables" here.  Anytime my kids can build their own (cold) pizza or cracker sandwiches they think lunch is 100x cooler. And it saves me work!  Throw the ingredients into containers or baggies, and let them create.

Make it Adorable
I am always on the lookout for fun food "thingies" just because I think we deserve them in our food allergy journey.  I've accumulated everything from kid chopsticks to colorful IKEA utensils to fun re-usable baggies.  And don't forget everyday cookie cutters can make awesome sandwich shapes, too! 

Add a Touch of Love
What?!  Your food allergy child has never had a Happy Meal?  Mine either.  That's why I'm gonna start putting little notes, pictures, or even gifts inside my kids' lunchboxes.  They will love getting "happy meal" surprises, I'm sure of it.

Make Lunch Special Even at Home
If you have preschoolers or home school children at home or want to make weekend lunches special, lunches at home can be just as sweet. We love using our lunch trays to get that fun "cafeteria feel" at home.  You can also try muffin tin lunch ideas on Pinterest, have a "picnic" in your own yard, or use lunch boxes at home.  Why not?!  The kids would love having these lunch adventures with you.

What are your tips for making allergy-friendly lunches special or safe?  
We'd love to hear!  Leave a comment and tell us.  

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Luke said...

These are some great tips! My son has several food allergies, and he is not in school yet. But we get him to help in the kitchen and it makes the lunch experience that much better for him. We also try to tie in what we are eating with what we are talking about that week, so we may make the food items into a shape or something. Thanks for sharing!

Jamie Kaufmann said...

Those are great tips, Luke! Thanks for sharing. Helping in the kitchen is sooooo good.