Milk-Free Find ~ Kinnikinnick Donuts

Every time Jeff goes into our local health food store with us, he finds a dairy-free gem that I have never noticed. 

This time it was dairy-free chocolate dipped donuts by Kinnikinnick.  I feel like I'm typing that wrong. Say it 10 times!

This find came just in time for Miles's birthday as donuts are becoming a birthday tradition at our house. We had just gone to Walmart looking for the dairy-free honey buns that we usually get in lieu of donuts for my food allergy son. But they were nowhere to be found. Miles was understandably disappointed.

But then Jeff found this box of milk-free donuts at our next stop, the health food store. Game on! Our son's frown was turned upside down. 

These are also gluten-free but they are not egg-free.  

Despite being gluten-free, they tasted absolutely delicious. The whole family enjoyed a few bites as Miles willingly shared.  

And I really think the price on these is right. Our local donut shop is now at over $1 a donut, and these are under a dollar each! Saturday morning donuts may just become a new tradition for us.

There are several flavors in Kinnikinnick donuts, and they also carry other gluten-free baked goods.  Be sure to check out their website for more product information and ingredients.


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Rebecca said...

I was so happy to come across these at Whole Foods. If I remember correctly, there were 2 different varities to choose from. My milk-allergy son had never had a donut before and he loves these! Like your son, he was allergic to egg and peanut (luckily, not soy) and has outgrown those allergies as well.

Jamie Kaufmann said...

Hi Rebecca! I'm so glad your son can have these! :) I think there are 3: vanilla, chocolate, and cinnamon. :)