Milk-Free Find ~ Veestro Frozen Pizza

We were given a wonderful opportunity to sample frozen, vegan, mail-order foods by Veestro recently. Miles was so excited to have safe, dairy-free meals show up at our door. It was like having a dairy-free Schwann Man.  This was a dream-come-true for my little guy.

You can read our first Veestro review HERE.  

On this night, it was family pizza time and Miles got to have his own personal Veestro pizza!  

Check it out, a real pizza box?  Very cool for a seven-year-old.  (It's the little things, folks).

And inside, the pizza was wrapped airtight with a list of ingredients and heating instructions. I have found that most of our Veestro dishes need to be heated longer than the instructions say, but that's ok. Maybe it's my oven.

Veestro offers two different pizzas:  Napoletana and Veggie Pesto.  I thought they might be a little too sophisticated for Miles, but he certainly loved it!  As you can see, the vegan soy cheese melted oh-so-nicely.  The sliced tomatoes were just beautiful.  

Since Miles can have wheat, I like that the Veestro pizzas are not gluten-free.  It makes it more like the "real thing", and Miles likes knowing that his pizza tastes like "real pizza".  :)  

Overall, it was a hugely successful pizza night at our house, and Miles is ready to have his next Veestro pizza box arrive at the door anytime!  


Mama had to price these out because that's what I do best.  If I get Veestro pizzas as part of their meal plan with free shipping, it would be about the same cost as picking up other frozen, dairy-free pizzas in town.  I would just be buying more at one time and having them stocked up for when Jeff or Graham declares a last minute "pizza night" without warning.  

When I can stay out of a store, I save money.  I can't resist dairy-free chocolate!  

Plus, I think the Veestro pizzas are more gourmet than the frozen dairy-free ones we find in the store.  

AND with the 30-day meal plan AND a coupon code Veestro is generously offering to our readers, you may actually come out ahead...spending less for frozen, GOURMET dairy-free pizzas, delivered to your door than you would purchasing other brands in-store.  Pretty cool!

Milk Allergy Mom readers can enjoy 15% off their Veestro order with coupon code: S15A4G19.

Here is more information about Veestro that you may find helpful:

  • Veestro offers everything from breakfast to dinner, appetizers, soups, and desserts in individual portions.
  • You can choose some items in family size!
  • There is a kid-friendly menu perfect for our food allergy kids.
  • And there are gluten-free items within their vegan offerings!
  • You can build a 30-item meal plan and get free shipping.

  • The Veestro website is super informative with pictures and ingredient lists for all their products.
  • Veestro does make some dishes with nuts and peanuts so be sure to pay attention to ingredients when ordering.  The Veestro Founder assures me that cross contamination prevention is an important part of their food production.  
  • The Veestro package arrived quickly and still frozen on dry ice.
  • All the foods come in packaging with ingredient lists.
  • All the foods come with reheating directions if necessary.

  • The foods are all very tasty, even if you aren't used to such things as tofu, lentils, quinoa, etc.  Veestro is a great way to try new cuisines that are sure to impress!
  • Veestro can appear to be a bit pricey at first, especially to food allergy families struggling to pay for specialty foods.  But if you were to do the $249.99 30-item plan with free shipping, that's about $8.33 per item and comparable to eating-out prices.  
  • You can order a 30-item meal plan just once.  It doesn't have to be a reoccurring monthly commitment or anything like that.
  • Veestro dishes would be great for grandmas and other occasional food allergy caretakers to have on hand if they aren't comfortable cooking allergy-free or want something convenient to heat up.  
  • Veestro would be worth it for any dishes you can't or won't make yourself.  For me, I've never spent the time trying to make a dairy-free lasagna.  Stocking up on those to have in the freezer would be worth it for me.
  • Veestro would make a great and unique gift for food allergy kids.  I may consider putting this on our list for Miles at Christmas time.   

Thanks to Veestro for letting us review some of their products!  We have one more review for you coming soon! 



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