Milk Free Find ~ Veestro Vegan Frozen Foods

We were given a wonderful opportunity to sample frozen, vegan, mail-order foods by Veestro recently. Miles was so excited to have safe, dairy-free meals show up at our door. Wow, getting to eat delicious food that mama (or grandma) didn't make?  This was a dream-come-true for my little guy!

This wasn't quite the same as just picking up specialty, dairy-free foods like cheese, yogurt, and milk.  This was about getting real actual MEALS!  Yeah, this was like having a restaurant show up at the door.  Score!  

As many of you know, we don't chance restaurants with Miles's milk allergy.  So to say that I was thrilled to present my son with tasty meals that someone else cooked would be an understatement.  I made the moment extra special by playing restaurant with the family and having them rank the foods from 1-5 on their pretend menus.

All the Veestro dishes came already cooked or baked.  I just had to heat them up.

The foods were sophisticated enough for Jeff and I to appreciate.  Each item had tons of flavor. However, the kids also gobbled up every last bite on their plates as well.  I definitely think Veestro foods will be great for food allergy kids and even picky kids.  Graham proved that!  

Here are the dishes we tried:


First, I presented the fam with Veestro's Lentil Soup.  We have made lentils at home before, but I loved how soft these lentils were.  I never cook mine long enough to get them soft like that!  The texture was superb, and everyone gobbled up their small portion.  Miles gave the soup a 4 out of 5 in his kid taste test.


Then, the family received their appetizer, croquettes.  For not being much of a tofu family, I wondered how these would go over.  But we all really liked these and wished there were more to share!  The outside was crispy while the inside tofu was creamy and flavorful. Apparently, well seasoned tofu can taste really good!  And the sauce was "icing on the cake".  Miles gave the croquettes a 4 out of 5 in his kid taste test.


Next up was the Gluten-Free Quinoa Burger.  Miles loved this so much that I gave up most of my portion to him.  The one bite that I did get caught me off guard as it had a subtle sweetness to it, and I definitely wanted more!  Miles gave the quinoa burger 5 out of 5 stars in his kid taste test!


Lastly, the family enjoyed sharing a piece of Raspberry Tofu Cheesecake.  I was so thrilled to have someone else make Miles cake.  He's never had cheesecake!  And suffice it to say, he loved it.  Sorry about the picture that I had to use from the Veestro website, but the family was so excited for dessert that I forgot to snap a picture.  Miles most assuredly gave the cake a 5 out of 5 in his kid taste test.  

Here is more information about Veestro that you may find helpful:

  • Veestro offers everything from breakfast to dinner, appetizers, soups, and desserts in individual portions.
  • You can choose some items in family size!
  • There is a kid-friendly menu perfect for our food allergy kids.
  • And there are gluten-free items within their vegan offerings!
  • You can build a 30-item meal plan and get free shipping.

  • The Veestro website is super informative with pictures and ingredient lists for all their products.
  • Veestro does make some dishes with nuts and peanuts so be sure to pay attention to ingredients when ordering.  The Veestro Founder assures me that cross contamination prevention is an important part of their food production.  
  • The Veestro package arrived quickly and still frozen on dry ice.
  • All the foods come in packaging with ingredient lists.
  • All the foods come with reheating directions if necessary.

  • The foods are all very tasty, even if you aren't used to such things as tofu, lentils, quinoa, etc.  Veestro is a great way to try new cuisines that are sure to impress!
  • Veestro can appear to be a bit pricey at first, especially to food allergy families struggling to pay for specialty foods.  But if you were to do the $249.99 30-item plan with free shipping, that's about $8.33 per item and comparable to eating-out prices.  
  • You can order a 30-item meal plan just once.  It doesn't have to be a reoccurring monthly commitment.
  • Veestro dishes would be great for grandmas and other occasional food allergy caretakers to have on hand if they aren't comfortable cooking allergy-free or want something convenient to heat up.  
  • Veestro would be worth it for any dishes you can't or won't make yourself.  For me, I've never spent the time trying to make a dairy-free lasagna.  Stocking up on those to have in the freezer would be worth it for me.
  • Veestro would make a great and unique gift for loved ones.

I will be back with two more Veestro meal reviews very soon.  What do you think?  Would you pay for the convenience of having essentially an allergy-free "Schwann Man" show up at your door occasionally?  :)  

Thanks to Veestro for letting us review some of their products!  It was an absolute treat. 



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