GreenPaxx Silicone Products {Straws, Caps, & Slim Snacks}

Original Post:  7/8/13

Awhile back, I posted on our Facebook page asking for a "green" straw recommendation.  

I got a few suggestions from paper to stainless steal.  But the silicone suggestion intrigued me the most.  

Friends told me about the GreenPaxx brand because it had just been pitched to Shark Tank investors on The View.  Cool, right?!

The Benefits of GreenPaxx

SAFE:  From a health standpoint, I loved that the GreenPaxx products were made from 100% non-toxic, food safe silicone.

EASY:  As a busy mom, the easy-to-clean feature was calling my name.  

SMALL BUSINESS:  I love supporting a fellow "mom business" that is working to make homes healthier and safer.

CUTE:  I love the fun color choices.  

How GreenPaxx Works

Cindy kindly sent me 4 straws and 2 lids to try out.  The lids now have 3 rings so they fit most any size glass.  And the straws break into two parts for easy cleaning and they easily snap together tightly for use.  Greenpaxx straws come in 4-packs and GreenPax lids come in 2-packs.

100% Silicone Matters

So many silicone products on the market have plastic fillers in the material, and plastic fillers cause sticking.  Only 100% silicone is truly non-stick.

How do you know if your silicone products are 100% silicone, besides if they clean up well or not?  Give the product a little twist.  If you see white in the material, that's plastic.  If you continue to see the color of the product throughout, even with twisting it, that's 100% silicone.  

I did the silicone twist test on the GreenPaxx products, and I saw no white filler plastics in the material.  I wasn't surprised since they are truly non-stick and clean so well. Kudos to Cindy for not taking short-cuts on these products.

Highlights of GreenPaxx

GreenPax lids and straws can replace plastic sippy cups. 

GreenPax straws can fold down under a lid for drinks-on-the-go.

Reduces spills around computers, homework, bedside, etc. 

The bendy straw is great for special needs or drinking from bed.  Think sick kids. 

The products are third party certified to strict European standards.

Encourages the consumption of healthy smoothies.

GreenPaxx also has Slim Snack in a 4-pack for storing lunch snacks and making ice pops.

These products are BPA-Free.

GreenPaxx holds up as we've had ours over 3 years, and they still look brand new!

To purchase GreenPaxx, head over to Amazon and make sure you choose the GreenPaxx brand that is truly 100% silicone and owned by a fellow mom like us. :)

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Photo Credit: GreenPaxx on Amazon


cleaninup said...

Ooooo! I like these! A friend of mine has the stainless steel ones and I find them too clunky.

Just curious, did she get the money on Shark Tank?

Wonder if I can get them up here in Canada.

Ihavepostedherebefore said...

Thank you for sharing. I have been wanting to try glass straws. I changed my mind as my father mentioned if one of the kids are running while drinking, trips and lands on the straw it can hit the inside of their mouth. With a child under the age of two that concerned me as it could possibly happen.
I am glad I found these on your sight (which I love). Thanks again.

Pansies said...

I'm really interested to know, if they're not made in China, where are they made? I always check the stuff I buy to make sure they're not made in China.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I just read on Amazon in the question and answer section that these are made in China. I have not been able to find any reusable plastic/silicon straws that are not made in China. I guess the companies can't be competitive and make money unless they manufacture there.