Heart Palpitations Fixed with Magnesium Supplement!

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As a food allergy mom with probably more stress than I realize, I had to share something that I've recently discovered. I think it could be helpful to many of you!  

I have been on a diet and exercise regiment for a few months. And things were going great...until about the 7th week. When I went to bed at night, I noticed my heart was skipping. At first I ignored it. But after many nights, I got more concerned. And that concern led to a couple actual panic attacks, which I have never had before. I feel for anyone who has these regularly because it was very scary. There's nothing worse than trying to decide if you should call an ambulance or not!

So I went to see my doctor. He did some blood work and an EKG that all came out fine.The next step was to get a heart monitor. But I was determined that my diet would help solve the problem. I cut caffeine, no help. I added some natural sugars, no help. I added lots of salt, no help. I added electrolytes, nothing. I upped my carbs and then my calories, to no avail.  

Then I had a friend mention magnesium. Willing to try anything, I went into the health food store and pleaded, "show me the magnesium". I thought it would be another pill to add to my other supplements. But I was pleasantly surprised when the employee gave me a couple packets of drink mix. Then I read this on the back of the sample:

Wow! My heart palpitations were my original concern but when I saw this whole list of other ailments brought on by magnesium deficiency, I was shocked. I had at least 11 of these 16 issues. For one, my doctors were baffled that at age 36 my bones were thinning...classified as osteopenia....early stages of osteoperosis. Geez! Low energy and fatigue, I thought that was just part of homeschooling. Nervousness and anxiety, those are just common food allergy mom issues, right? Stress? I thought that was from running three businesses simultaneiously.

But from the first day I took Natural Vitality Natural Calm Magnesium, my heart palpitations were gone at bed time and as a result, so was my inability to sleep, my nervousness, and my anxiety.  

I posted these symptoms on Instagram and had a nurse comment that she's amazed at how many magnesium IV bags she is hooking up each day. Apparently many of us are magnesium deficient and don't know it.  

So I just had to post this information and encourage you to talk to your doctor about possibly supplementing magnesium if you have some of these symptoms. It has made a world of difference for me in just a week. 

Have you had any experiences with these symptoms or this supplement? You can purchase CALM Magnesium Powder in several flavors on Amazon.  

UPDATE: All palps are gone, hair is thicker, headaches are no longer migraines, haven't had another panic attack. I can always work on low energy, but that may have to do with the fact that I don't go to bed early enough. I hope this works for you, too!


Anonymous said...

So I found this blog post because I am looking to see if magnesium will stop MY heart palpitations! I've been thru everything you mentioned and more. Dr. rules out heart issues and for some reason I discovered that a glass or two or three takes the PVCs away! I'm trying to pin point what it is tho. Dr. said protein and I agree, but maybe magnesium also? I'm eating seeds and nuts high in magnesium to see if it helps. Soooo happy it helped you! What exactly was the dose you took? Take care! Vieve

Jamie Kaufmann said...

Hi Vieve. I started with 1 tsp a day and moved to 2. Then I read I can take more until stools are soft. So I can do about 3 tsp a day. I've had a couple bouts of the palps in the past month but nothing like it was. Trying to decide if I should still do the heart monitor or not. But overall, I think the mag has made a huge difference and improvement. I hope you find the same!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie, i have heart arrhythmia which also called as heart palpitation for 4 years. All these years has been a real nightmare. I have consulted many doctors, acupuncturist and natural healers but no changes. I am now fed up and aggressively looking for a permanent solution once and for all. I also have acid reflux problem. After reading ur article i tried taking magnesium but my stomach often get bloated. Any other solution for my case? Tq

Anonymous said...

What brand of magnesium???

Jamie Kaufmann said...

Anonymous, I use the brand seen in the top picture...CALM by Natural Vitality.

Jamie Kaufmann said...

Anonymous, there are other ways to take it. Try a capsule or something, maybe? I'm also reading about other deficiencies that can cause the palps...potassium is one. I'm working on that now, too...with coconut water, avacado, adding back in bananas, etc.

Anonymous said...

Thanks!! I just want to try what you used because it works, I've heard magnesium glycinate helps and I've heard low electrolytes can cause palps too

Mark Jones said...

I have been taking magnesium suplements for around 3 years now and am convinced they control pvc (heart palpitations). I drink more than recommended and if I go a few days without magnesium, the pvcs always return. Sometimes I wake in the night from them, but if I think to get up and take 500mg of magnesium citrate, I can feel the palpitations stop within 15 mins and I get back to sleep.
It truly works for me.