Easy Window & Glass Cleaning with E-Cloth & Water

Isn't it true that window cleaning can be the most frustrating task? The streaks, the chemicals, the homemade cleaner concoctions, the paper towels, the newspaper, the newspaper ink... It's painful. 

But I've found the solution. THEE solution. Cleaning with e-cloth's Window Cleaning Pack is unbeatable for cleaning and shining glass. I've seriously tossed every window cleaner and now clean our windows with e-cloth. And water! Just water.  It's amazing.   

Can you imagine easily cleaning your car windows? We now have many readers who swear by only e-cloth and won't even let the "professionals" clean the glass in their car. It only takes about 5 minutes to clean all the windows of my car, inside and out. And the kids can help, too, because we are just using water.

Or how about toothpaste splattered bathroom mirrors? Dirt-layered home windows? Those sliding doors the kids fingerprint? The Window Pack will clean and shine all these glass surfaces free of spots and streaks. 

How To Clean Glass With E-Cloth

  • Just wash dirty mirrors, windows, and glass with a water dampened Window Cloth.
  • Then dry the glass with a dry Glass & Polishing e-cloth.  
  • Admire your streak-free, lint-free, squeaky clean results!

E-Cloth Window Pack Video

We get so many happy readers giving us rave reviews about e-cloth's glass cleaning that it was hard to choose one. But here is one of our favorites:

"OK, I was so skeptical about these as I've never heard of a product that can clean so well without any chemicals. But after I cleaned one window I was hooked! I cleaned every window in my house in less than an hour. I waited until the next day to see if they were really clean and there were no streaks whatsoever. I am a tough critic on gadgets but this product is worth every penny. I can't wait to try the mop! I highly recommend them especially if you want to avoid toxic chemicals around kids." ~ Cindy

If you're wondering how much, the cost is fabulous. Remember, these are washable and reusable cloths, for years. You will no longer need wasteful paper towels or consumable cleaners. And e-cloth ships for free!

E-cloth & Norwex Price Comparison

E-Cloth Window 2-Pack:  $14.99 with free shipping
1 Norwex Window Cloth:  $18.99 plus shipping and tax

If you are ready to clean glass with just water, you can purchase the e-cloth Window Cleaning Pack right from our site and get free shipping. Happy polishing!


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