Grow Your Own Easter Grass in 7 Days!

Original Post - 3-22-13

For the past few years, we have grown our own Easter grass in a week, and it's become a fun tradition as we anticipate Easter and watch our grass grow.

First, hit the health food store to pick up some wheat berries.  

Then find your containers.  These also serve as our Easter baskets so I like to find suitable plastic or tin buckets at the dollar store.  

Fill the containers with dirt, toss the wheat berries on top, and keep the berries watered and warm for a week in the house.  Also allow for a decent amount of sunlight.  

We are always amazed at how quickly the grass grows 2-3 inches in just a week!

Then for Easter morning, put treats right on the top of the grass.  No need to transfer the dirt and grass to another container.

The health food store gave me an additional idea to eat the grass when Easter is over. Apparently wheat grass is very healthful, and people even take shots of it at juicing eateries. Maybe we can throw it in smoothies.  I will have to do some research on that! 

Eventually the grass wilts and goes bad so enjoy it's perky season while you have it.

We got this idea from Creative Green Living.  It's a tradition that we plan to keep for many years to come.  Give it a try!



SchrefflerFamily said...

Does fake grass have milk on it?

Jamie Kaufmann said...

I don't think plastic grass has dairy...I just like real stuff. :)