Shamrock Shake {Dairy-Free}

Original Post:  3-15-13

I had honestly never had a "Shamrock Shake" before.  Aren't they popular at McDonald's or something?  

But I'm always game for making a green smoothie so when I saw Go Dairy Free post a Shamrock Shake recipe, I figured it was time to give it a try.  

This turned out so yummy and refreshing.  It doesn't taste healthy at all.  But it is.  It tastes more like a treat to me.  

I stretched ours further by doing 2 whole cups of almond milk.  

We did 1/2 tsp of peppermint.  Guess we like ours extra minty.  

If you don't have avocado, do coconut oil as some kind of fat is needed to tone down the mint extract. 

If you don't love or have frozen banana, try a handful of ice cubes instead.  

We also did not add any sweetener!  The boys do know when sweetener is needed and they didn't blink an eye.  Love that!  Sugar-free.

We loved this so much that we made a double batch again the next day and shared with Jeff.  He's a fan now, too.

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Alisa said...

So glad you had fun with the recipe! Yes, I've found peppermint extract to be one of the most tempermental flavorings - even an extra drop can send it over the top. The avocado helps a little with mellowing vs just banana I think, but it can still be strong!