Milk-Free Find ~ Daiya Cheese Shreds

Original Post: 2-13

It's no secret, we are fans of Daiya dairy-free "cheese". In fact, their shreds are sort of a staple in our house.  

We use them in recipes like:

But today I'm not sharing a new cheesy recipe. Instead, I want to share how I store the shreds so they keep as long as possible. Because we can't afford for dairy-free cheese to go bad. Amen?!

Daiya shreds do not come with a zipper closure. Instead, you need to clip the bag shut somehow. And sadly, I have had the cheese go moldy pretty quickly when I store it this way once it's opened.

That's why I started dumping the shreds into an airtight container after we open them. I make sure they are spread out over as much surface area as possible and keep them airtight in the refrigerator. This prevents mold from growing quickly, and we can use them for up to a week or sometimes a little longer.  

Since we use our Daiya cheese sparingly, this has been a great way to stretch it as far as we can...over a few meals in a week. I've been doing this for years now so just wanted to share. Cherish the cheese, peeps!


Helen said...

I am disappointed they aren't a zip top bag. We store them in the freezer with a clip because we give it to my son pretty sparingly. I find it doesn't freeze as solid as dairy cheese so it is easy to use straight from frozen.

Theresa said...

This is so smart! I used to find my daiya moldy as well. I actually stopped using it unless I used the whole bag at once because I got tired of wasting it.

Unknown said...

We freeze it. It's easy to break up to use what we need.

Jamie Kaufmann said...

Freezing is definitely a good idea, too! We used to buy 12 bags at once from a food coop and of course froze them. :) It totally worked. Thanks for the reminder!

K said...

I stock up when they go BOGO at the grocery store and stick them in the freezer. They are pretty easy to crumble with your hand when frozen.

Jamie Kaufmann said...

K, that's an awesome deal! Thanks for the tip. :)