Can't Afford a Norwex Mop? Try E-Cloth!

Original Post 02/12/13

"I had never heard of e-cloth, but a friend, seeing that my steam mop was causing me grief, recently invited me to host a Norwex party. I was enamored with the products, and desperately wanted the mop system, but could not bring myself to spend $100+ on the system. That's when I took to the internet to research other options. Lo and behold, I found e-cloth and Milk Allergy Mom! The countless positive reviews and comparisons to Norwex were enough to convince me to spend the $60 on the e-cloth mop system. When the mop arrived, I wasted no time in trying it out. I was thrilled with not only the results, but the ease of use. I have MS, and I tire quickly, so finding a product that works well and doesn't tire me out was such a blessing! I have been so impressed with the product and the service from Jamie at Milk Allergy Mom, I have placed another order and plan to steadily build my e-cloth collection as my budget allows. Thank you!!" ~ Mindy

What a great note.  Thank you, Mindy, for such a helpful review.  

Have you been wanting a Norwex mop as well but aren't sure if you can pay $100 for one?  

People are loving the benefits of microfiber, washable mops, and the good news is that there are options.  Here is some information you might find helpful.

E-Cloth Mop Video ~ How it Works


Microfiber Mops Are Used in Hospitals

Chosen by Real Simple Magazine as "Best Washable Mop"
E-cloth was the winner in 2012.

E-Cloth & Norwex Price Comparison
E-Cloth Mop Bundle:  $59.99 with free shipping
Norwex Mop System:  $92.99 plus shipping and tax

E-Cloth Mop Pad Replacements:  $13.99 with free shipping 
Norwex Mop Pad Replacements:  $23.99 - $32.99 plus shipping and tax

I believe e-cloth pads fit on Norwex mops still.  

Telescoping Handle Great for Kids!
Both the Norwex and e-cloth mops come with telescoping handles.  The e-cloth handle telescopes from 36 inches to 63 inches.  We love putting it down to kid-size so the boys can sweep up dirt and crumbs on their own.

Other E-Cloth Mop Features

It's Slim ~ It fits underneath my stove.  

It Dries Fast ~ When using the wet mop, the floors dry quickly behind you unlike with traditional mops.  

It's Light ~ I have a bad back and this mop is much better for me than my heavy steam mop.

It Swivels 360 Degrees ~ The handle bends sideways, front and back, and all around!

It's Washable ~ I have had both a dusting pad and the wet pad for over three years and am pleased with how nicely both have washed up over and over again. 

How To Purchase

If you would like save money and purchase the e-cloth Deep Clean Mop, you can do so right here from our site.  Free shipping.  Let us know if you have any questions!  We are happy to help.

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