Sanitize School and Craft Supplies Without Chemicals

Original Post January 2013

As a home school mom and avid crafter, I sometimes find myself wanting to wipe down the supplies that get so much use around here.  

Writing tools, scissors, markers, stamps, desks, chairs.  I also love to give our chalk board and white boards a good regular cleaning.  

I just reach for my General Purpose e-cloths, and quickly wipe things down with water.  So easy and no chemicals on the kids' stuff.  

Real Simple Magazine awarded the e-cloth General Purpose Cloth as "Best Microfiber".  

And Family Circle touted e-cloth General Purpose Cloths as a "Must Have Cleaning Product".

Sanitize Desks and Chairs

Clean Chalk and White Boards Perfectly 

Our readers send great reports about using the General Purpose Cloths.

"I received my general purpose e-cloths last week and cleaned my whole house the day they arrived." ~ Karen

If kiddy grime also gives you the heeby jeebies, you can purchase e-cloth General Purpose Cloths right here at Milk Allergy Mom with free shipping.  Happy sanitizing!

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