Chocolate Stevia Milk {Dairy-Free}

Original Post 1-7-13

When we had some dental issues with the boys almost a year ago, I kinda sorta became a freak about limiting sugar in our house.  

I mean, I was baking with it and we still ate fruit.  But candy and fruit strips and chocolate syrup and juice and popsicles and all that jazz.....I wanted them out.

So in my "less sugar mission", I picked up a bottle of chocolate stevia at the health food store.  I started making chocolate milk for the boys with it.  Instead of using Hershey Syrup, I just put about 2 drops of stevia into 4 oz. of almond milk.

And guess what, my boys love it!  I often hear, "can we have a chocolate squirt?" when I serve them almond milk.  Oh sure, why not!  This stuff is lasting us forever even though we use it often.  So if you look for it and cringe at the price tag, remember that.  It lasts!

This is the brand of stevia that I bought, Sweetleaf Chocolate Liquid Stevia, 2 Ounce

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SAHM said...

Little known fact about Stevia. It is related to ragweed. If you have a ragweed allergy you are probably going to react to Stevia. I have a sever ragweed allergy and I get a really bad headache when I use Stevia. Just FYI.

Helen said...

A squirt? Isn't that super sweet? I thought I heard you only need a drop per glass. I'm just curious because I've never used it but am debating it.

Jamie Kaufmann said...

Helen, you are right. By "Squirt", I mean a drop. It comes with a dropper and I let 1-2 drops come out to sweeten a glass of milk. :)

Matt Barnes said...

I'm not sure I'd like this recipe.....I make one with cocoa and powdered stevia and it is awesome!! Was thinking of making some to bring to a party today and mixing it with caramel flavored vodka!