Milk-Free Find ~ Sunwarrior Protein Powder


When doing P90X with Jeff, I was struggling with the protein shake part of the diet.  Whey powders gave me stomach cramps, and I especially didn't like the milk powders flying all over our kitchen with Miles's allergy.

We ended up finding Sunwarrior protein powder, and really like it!

The Sunwarrior WARRIOR Blend is pea, cranberry, and hemp protein.  

The Sunwarrior CLASSIC Blend  is just rice protein.  

We keep stocked on both chocolate and vanilla protein powders.  Chocolate makes filling peanut butter smoothies.  And we use the vanilla in berry smoothies.  I want to try plain, as well, to simply add into foods.  

Always check labels. Ingredients can change!

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Theresa said...

I've been using vitacost brand pea protein. This looks great too! Nice to have other options...especially a chocolate one!

Kushal Pandit said...

Thanx for ur post, ya i read somewhere Protein Powders are beneficial. They provide your body with protein that the food you eat may not be providing. buy i wann know, is Protein Powders benificial for body building ???

Michelle said...

I also very like Sunwarrior but i use the rice protein :)