Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Milk-Free Pepperoni Lasagna Cups ~ Freezer Lunch

I have been playing along with Money Saving Mom's Lunchbox Freezer Cooking Series.  And on her list to make was lasagna cups.  As a milk-allergy family, we have never had lasagna together!  But now that we are using more dairy-free cheeses, I thought this would be the perfect time to try lasagna out.  The best part of about these individual servings is that I can make some servings dairy-free for Miles and the other servings dairy for the rest of the family (to help Miles's expensive cheese go further!).

We have never used Wonton wraps before.  I was anxious to see their ingredients.  They mostly contain egg and wheat.  No milk.  And that was proven as Miles ate them, yay!  We only let him eat a bite or two at make sure they were really safe.

Making this dish was as risky as it gets in the area of "cross-contamination".  So I had to be very careful not to get dairy cheese anywhere near Miles's cups or ingredients.  To be safe, I got out Miles's cheeses first.  I also made a whole muffin tin full of dairy-free cups so one tin wasn't half and half.  Once they are cooked, it may be hard to tell which is which!  THEN, I put his cups in the oven while I made the other batch of cups using dairy cheese.

To make these, I placed the Wonton wraps into muffin tins.  Then I layered as follows:

Marinara (Aldi)
Pepperoni (Aldi)
Sour Cream (Tofutti)
Shredded Cheese (Daiya)
Italian Seasoning

They baked on 375 for about 15 minutes.  But mine got really brown!  So keep an eye on these.

I had planned to use burger, but it smelled funny after it thawed.  I then resorted to the pepperoni I had on hand.  It ended up being a great dish! 

Thank you Catching Fire Flies for the great idea!  You have opened up a whole new eating experience for our allergy family!

Ends Friday, Sep 28th.  

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Mandy said...

sounds yum...i love using wonton wrappers!!! you should try sausage cups...sausage, cheese and ranch. is ranch seasoning safe? you could maybe mix it with your safe sour cream?