Freezer Bean Burritos {Dairy-Free}

Original Post 9-11-12

Ever wish you could just pull a quick lunch from the freezer, nuke it, and move on with life?  

But hey, I know that isn't easily done when you have food allergies. So many convenient, frozen foods at the store contain mystery ingredients AND some of the top 8 allergens. 

That's why it completely inspired me a few years ago when I followed along with a Lunchbox Freezer Cooking series with Money Saving Mom. Her recipes are simple and oftentimes can be easily adapted to dairy-free. 

On this certain day, we tackled Crystal's frozen burritos, and I considered it a huge food allergy win for us. My kids can eat frozen burritos just like dad now. Cool beans! Or shall I say, cool "refried beans" because....

Seriously people, you just use refried beans in these! That's right, refried beans that are already cooked and just need heated up. Major easy.

To make these, simply follow the directions over at Money Saving Mom

But for dairy-free ingredients, here is what we used. A can of refried beans and burrito tortillas from Aldi along with Daiya cheddar shreds. 

When these are heated and served, we add sides of corn and Aldi organic salsa.  

If you can't do wheat, try corn tortillas. 

And if you prefer not to use canned Aldi refried beans with "natural ingredients" listed on the label, try the homemade refried beans recipe linked in the freezer burrito post at Money Saving Mom.  

If you try these, get the kiddos involved. They will love assembling their own burritos and getting to heat them up, too.  

Leave a comment and share what kind of lunches you like to freeze for later!



Nowheymama said...

I was excited to see this new MSM series; Katherine and I plan to make some of the recipes, too!

Jamie Kaufmann said...

Ooo, I will look for your posts! Or link them in my comments and we will all play along! :)

Gallo Pinto2 said...

I see that your cheese is dairy free but is it lactose free? And how much does it cost and where do you find it? I live in a tiny town!

Jamie Kaufmann said...

Yes, it is lactose free too. Here is the product site that confirms.

I hope you can find some. There is a store locator on their site too.

Sara K. said...

I too am following this MSM series! Even though my kids are itty bitty, John and I find it helpful to have easy lunches ready to eat!

Katrina said...

Thank you for doing this!

Gratefulfoodie said...

Good recipe...I'm struggling with lunch ideas right now. My daughter simply does not like sandwiches! I will try this burrito out!

thank you for sharing!

DBUPatriotPrincess said...

I'm a nursing mom of a baby with a possible milk allergy, so I've been avoiding milk products and ingredients for the past 4 months. I just started drinking almond milk (Love the vanilla!) and I'm so excited to have found your blog! I'm sure I'll find it very helpful. Thank you!

Jamie Kaufmann said...

So glad you found us! Thank you for joining us. :)