Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Food Allergy Safe Backyard Water Party!

Our baby turned 5!  Over the weekend, we had a big, hot, outdoor, summer birthday party.

When our first son turned we five, we invited a bunch of kids to the park for a treasure hunt party.  So for this big #5, we invited some friends over for a WATER party!  It IS July after all, and the temps hit about 95 that day.  Whew!

Here are some features from the big day, all fit into a 2-hour party.  That was just about enough for the moms sitting in the heat.  The kids however?  They would have stayed another hour at least.  They told me so.

Not that we were inside much, but I displayed pictures through the years...along with a little banner.

All the children got a pair of goggles with their names on them (Sharpie) because I read that these were good for the next thing I will show you.

The shaving cream pool!  I bought 4 cans for 8 kids.  We could have used a couple more cans.  The kids loved it and covered themselves over and over.  My boys didn't though.  ???  Stinkers.

Then they would clean off in the sprinkler.

Or on the slip-n-slide.

There were bubbles.

And finger mural painting.

And water balloons.

The water balloon toss game.

The water balloon "fight".

 Watermelon, finger PBJ's, and chips. 

Colored kool-aid ice cubes in Sprite. 

Cupcake cones decorated as light blue water with floaties (gummy lifesavers).

Thoughtful gifts.

And my personal favorite, the water balloon pinatas!

We handed out some Swedish fish as the little guests left and they also got to take their goggles home.

It was a fantastic day.  My birthday boy's favorite part was the water balloons.  My food allergy son's favorite part was all the safe food.

AND the kids were sanitized over and over with the shaving cream!  Gotta love that. :)  My food allergy boy could eat from the party food bowls all he wanted.

The celebration was an absolute blast, and we are sure to do this again.

A big thank-you to All You Magazine for featuring our fun activities from this day.

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RachelD said...

What a fun party! Happy Birthday, Graham!

Theresa said...

FUN IDEAS!! It makes me wish we had a summer bday. Maybe we need to throw a 1/2 bday party just to have some summer fun!

Happy Bday Graham!

Abby M said...

This is fabulous! I hadn't seen this post until right now but we've been planning a similar party for my son's 4th birthday this Saturday. I'm totally going to do the water balloon pinatas, that's so smart!! You threw a great looking party!

Anonymous said...

What goodies are in the pinatas?

Jamie Kaufmann said...

Anonymous...the pinatas were filled with water. :)

Jamie Rowe said...

Saw the water balloon pinatas on Pinterest. So cute!!! Both my little ones have summer birthdays so i am definitely using this idea.

Jamie Kaufmann said...

Thanks, Jamie! Aw, have happy birthdays this summer. :)

Jen P said...

Great ideas, thanks!!

Unknown said...

What is ballon toss pls?

Jamie Kaufmann said...

Balloon toss is where the kids pair up and pass a balloon back and forth. Whomever it breaks on is out. Then the winners are pair up again and again whomever the balloon breaks on while tossing back and forth, those kids are out. Until one pair is left and one winner is left. Sometimes we start really close and move the kiddos apart with each pass. :) Hope that helps.