Healthy Snack Clusters {Dairy-Free, Egg-Free, Wheat-Free}

Original Post  7/31/11

Well, we are out of Oreos for this pay period, darn.  So it was time to whip up something a little more healthy to get us through snack time this week.  Since I had a little Crispix cereal left from our Puppy Chow, I decided to make our healthy snack clusters.

This is a great snack that accommodates many dietary needs.  If you are peanut-free, use sunbutter.  If you are gluten-free, use a gluten-free cereal.  

I love having the coconut oil in these.  Many of our food allergy kids need that healthy fat, and no kid will be able to resist these treats!

I actually doubled the batch so we would have plenty for the freezer.


1/2 cup nut butter (we use Smucker's natural peanut butter with no sugar)
1/2 cup Crispix (crunched up)
1/4 to 1/2 cup of raisins
1/4 cup mini Enjoy Life chocolate chips
1/8 cup unsweeted coconut
1/8 cup coconut oil
1 Tb honey, agave, or maple syrup

Mix all ingredients and then spoon small clusters onto a cookie sheet covered with wax paper. Freeze and then put in an airtight container, keeping them frozen.



Mandy said...

I didn't notice the salt taste in the ones I made. The vanilla seemed strong in mine, might leave that out next time. Overall I thought they were super yummy!

ladybugDZ said...

I love your blog! My son is allergic to milk so this is super helpful! Any tools that you would recommend to gently "remind" teachers of his allergy? We had a little incident yesterday at school. Thank you!

Jamie Kaufmann said...

Hi LadyBug,

Thanks for the question. Actually, we are probably the worst versed at doing school with food allergies...we never put our kids in school! lol We skipped preschool, avoided the church nursery until recently with Miles age 5, and are homeschooling kindergarten now. Our only food allergy accident was MY fault so I always say that we can't trust anyone to keep Miles perfectly safe..because even I as his parent can't! But we his parents love and protect him better than anyone else so we have chosen to take nearly 100% of the responsibility to care for him. He only stays with Grandma or a few aunts if we leave him. So I'm probably not the best person to ask. I know many, many food allergy families put their kids in school. And I don't look down on that at all. It's just not something we have chosen to do yet. We really just take it a year at a time and see what we want to do.

The only thing I can think of is meeting with the administrators and the teacher and any other adults who help take care of your son during the day. Maybe put up signs in the classroom, put a sticker/tag on him each day, ??? I should ask my sis, she teaches in a preschool where epis are very prevalent, and she's very on the ball because of having a nephew with allergies.