Sunday, March 6, 2011

Allergy-Free Aldi Foods

We recently joined a food coop, and I'm addicted to a few of their health foods like rice crackers, rice noodles, dried mango, and Kombucha (bottled tea). We are also ordering in bulk some of our more pricey allergy-free foods like Enjoy Life chocolate chips, Enjoy Life chocolate bars, coconut yogurt, Sunbutter, soy cheese, and more.

So I am needing to tweak our food budget to allow for these new and bulk buys with the coop. I decided to take another stab at perusing Aldi, reading lots of labels, and bringing some of their foods home to try. I honestly did save quite a bit of money.

Canned Goods and Condiments:
Green Beans .45
Mandarin Oranges .49
Chunk Pineapple .89
Kidney Beans .55
Steak Sauce 1.19
Tomato Sauce .25
Diced Tomatoes .49
Cherries .99
Pickles 1.49

Produce and Others:
Oranges: .99 a bag!
Bananas: .49/lb
4 Onions: 1.99
Tortillas: .99
Chicken Broth: 1.19

Broth is hard to find dairy-free. We usually use Swanson's, and prefer our homemade. But the Aldi brand looks safe so we are going to try it.

Wavy Chips: 1.29
Pretzels Sticks: 1.29
Pita Chips: 1.69
Pita Crackers: 1.99
Gummy Bears: .89
Fruit Strips: 1.99 for 8

Also add dairy-containing croutons for Jeff and our grand total was $25.37. I think I'm sold.

Many of the cereals at Aldi were dairy dangerous. So were cookies and many other snacks. But there was a lot for us in chips, cans, produce, condiments, and baking supplies. Their spaghetti sauce also looked dairy-free, without corn syrup.

I still may stick with Meijer for a lot of produce. I like their organic selection and prices.


Theresa said...

Have you tried daiya cheese? IT. IS. AMAZING.

Nowheymama said...

We love Aldi. I do most of our shopping there.

Mandy said...

yeah for aldi deals! glad you were able to find some allergy safe items there!

Jamie Kaufmann said...

daiya...i may have heard about it? but not tried it. do tell!

bluesgirl said...

Don't do the veggie cheese. It contains 'cesen' thouh it states it is lacatose free. That will make anyone that base a dairy allergy sick.