Bacon-Wrapped Weenies {Dairy-Free}

One of my crafty pals used to share bacon wrapped weenies at our annual scrapbooking events, and boy are they delicious! But when food allergies came on scene, I was certain these were out of question for my family. After all, safe, dairy-free sausage is hard to come by. 

But once again, I decided to think outside the box and came up with a way to make these for my anaphylactic milk allergy son. Good thing I did because they are his favorite now!

Hebrew National hot dogs. That was the ticket.

Instead of using mini sausages, I simply quarter these dairy-free hot dogs. And they turn out delicious! Check labels on the hot dogs because ingredients can always change.

These make a great appetizer for parties. We often make them for Christmas, New Year's, and Super Bowl. And nobody thinks it's weird that we used hot dogs instead of sausage. 

It's fantastic that you can finish these off in a crock pot and have them sitting out all night long for your party. Be sure to pull out what you need for your allergy child before everyone else dives in, though.


1 lb bacon
1 package Hebrew National hot dogs
brown sugar

Cover cookie sheet well with foil
Cut the bacon strips into halves
Cut hot dogs into quarters
Wrap hot dogs with bacon and close each with toothpick
Pack hot dogs tight on the cookie sheet.
Cook in oven at 350 for about 40-45 minutes
Remove from oven when bacon is about half cooked. Sprinkle liberally with brown sugar
Cook them another 40-45 minutes or until bacon reaches desired crispness.

You can cut cooking time short just a little and finish these off in a crock pot if you want to have them out at a party. They will crisp up well in a crock.

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Allergy Mum said...

Yum. My guys will love this when watching hockey. What a simple, yet taste treat that looks like it would take no time at all to make.
Allergy Mum -

grace@home said...

Oh my goodness... I haven't even read anything yet, but I am going to, and I will absolutely be following this blog. Why? Because your label archive is to die for!!! I am going to do a complete overhaul on my labeling and use my take on your format. Very organized! Can't wait to read and learn =)

I made the jump from My Montessori Journey when I saw your blog title. I am becoming concerned that my son is not handling his transition to cow's milk very well. I still breastfeed, although at over a year old, it's definitely for comfort at this point which is fine by me. We've been supplementing with formula for a while now. And we began cutting it with milk weeks ago, but since we switched over to whole milk sans the formula he is just NOT doing well.

Do you have any suggestions?

Jamie Kaufmann said...

Hi Grace and welcome! I always love to hear that the blog is helpful. We enjoy keeping in up for our own reference and in hopes that others can gain from our experience. What are the symptoms that make you think your son is "not doing well"? Without knowing the symptoms, I am thinking possibly meet with your pediatrician and address your concerns. Hopefully the doctor would agree to refer to an allergist and have your baby tested for food allergies. It's better to be proactive and test now than to wait for a bad reaction to test. Reactions can vary each time, usually getting worse with each one. I know a mom who waited awhile...but she had a hunch...and finally it pretty bad and the tests came out as she suspected. As far as I know, avoidance is better for chances to outgrow. So find out now so you can start cutting it out if you need to. Mom's hunches are usually pretty good. But I would want medical proof. If it's serious, you will need an epi pen and support from an allergist. Hopefully this is not the case. But it's worth finding out. Sorry, I'm rambling. Keep us posted!

Theresa said...