Chicken Soup {Dairy-Free}

Original Post:  12-16-10

Pssst, big secret here. The very best way to make a tasty chicken soup is to make your own broth, and it's really pretty simple to do. Not to mention, homemade broth is super nutritious. My husband always raves about my soups, but it's really the homemade broth he has to thank. I do very little work besides dumping ingredients into a pot. 

But if you want to use store-bought broth, see if Swanson's is still dairy-free. I haven't used it in ages so I can't confirm. Will someone leave a comment and let us know? Thanks!

Our chicken soup is often made from the leftovers of a roasted chicken.  

But this recipe is very versatile.You can use leftover turkey instead of chicken. 

You can also add cooked noodles or rice to make it more filling. I personally leave those out for myself because they make me sick, but Jeff adds them in for the boys and himself. Personalized bowls!

If you aren't making this soup from leftovers, simply throw chicken breasts into a crock pot along with veggies, spices, and broth and shred the chicken once it's cooked. Easy! 

I've tried some thick, hearty chicken noodle soups but my family seems to like this basic recipe best. Hope you enjoy.

2 cups broth
1-2 cups leftover chicken or turkey
1 large carrot diced
1 celery stalk diced
1/4 cup onion diced
salt to taste
pepper to taste
dash of thyme
dash of basil
dash of rosemary

red pepper flakes (optional)

1 cup cooked noodles or rice (optional)

Serves 4

Is it ok if I just say I throw all of the ingredients into a pot (except noodles) and cook until the veggies are tender?  If you want the flavors to meld well, let it simmer for about at least an hour. Feel free to use the crock pot, too.

Always add cooked noodles or rice at the end.  Cook them separately and add to the soup as you serve it.  Otherwise they will get mushy cooking in the soup.

Jeff wants me to note that adding hot pepper flakes is his favorite way to eat this soup.  


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BoysMom said...

Two of my four boys have allergies to egg, dairy, shellfish and nuts. Just at an FYI, I make chicken noodle soup every week for them only because I found Kitchen Basics chicken broth. I used to make my own, but I can now roast a few chicken breasts and add them to this broth. I also sautee carrots, celery and onion and puree it into the broth. Super yummy and a big time saver! Love your website!