Milk-Free Find ~ Campbell's Tomato Soup

Meals in a pinch can be hard with food allergies so I wanted to share one of our favorite milk-free "convenient foods". 

Campbell's Tomato Soup. My boys love it.

And while this isn't the healthiest option in the pantry,  I add homemade chicken broth instead of dairy-free milk or water. Now THAT'S healthy and flavorful!

We serve tomato soup with dairy-free crackers, peanut butter sandwiches, or dairy-free grilled cheese.

Some may want to call the company for cross contamination and processing information. Always check labels, ingredients can change.


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Katrina said...

If you have an "Aldi" near you, their tomato soup and oyster crackers are both milk/egg/peanut free. My boys love this quick lunch to!

Darlene said...

I just found out my 10 month old is dairy and egg allergic...I cannot tell you how happy I am to have found your site!! I've been losing my mind trying to figure out what to feed me and him (he's breast fed) and this was such a relief...I'm trying one of your cake recipes this week to see if it'll work for his birthday in May. Thank you thank you thank you!! said...

I know that Campbells Canada lists all allergens on their labeling with may contain warnings for the top ten allergens in Canada. I use their chicken and beef broths in many of my dishes too. It really makes for an easy meal.

Darlene, my little girl is allergic to dairy, eggs, and peanuts. I post all my recipes on my blog. It's great that we can all share our recipes!

Haley said...

Thanks! I'm so happy to have found your site. My oldest son is allergic to milk, eggs and peanuts. It has been 2 years now that we've been living with it and I still struggle every day with it.

Anonymous said...

You could think about trying Saltine Minis. My dairy/egg/peanut allergic son loves them (and so do we for that matter!), espcially with some tomato soup.