Thursday, July 3, 2008

Rice/Soy Dream Coupon

Finally, a Rice Dream coupon for those of us who like to use rice milk! Go here and print two per computer. It's for 75 cents off. Every little bit helps! Any friends or fam who want to print this off for me, that would be super great. Thanks!

Thanks Holly, for correcting me on the amount of the coupon.


hol said...

I printed this off for you...only mine printed off for 75 cents using zipcode 62946.

Becky @ Boys Rule My Life said...

Would you believe I was just at the Dream website today scouting for coupons! You and I sure are on the same vibe these days... scary!

Vanessa said...

hi! i have two boys and a little girl...the boys both have milk and egg allergy, one with peanut too...and other environmentals that come with the package. can you believe my little girl came out with nohting?!?

i shop fred meyer's cause they have rice milk by the box every so often for $15.00 a box, then I just get reign checks. I also just found some great other products.