Saturday, May 24, 2008

Fleischmann's Butter Tubs, Duncan Hines Chocolate Chip Brownies, & Rice Dream

While at Walmart last night, I made some new dairy-free discoveries:

Rice Dream: It is way cheaper at regular price at Walmart than at the other groceries stores that I frequent. I wish I had written down the prices but if I remember right, a quart was about $2 and a half gallon was about $3. I usually pay almost $3 for a quart or almost $5 for a half gallon. This is great news for us!

Fleischmann's Light Margarine Tubs: We have always used the STICKS dairy-free Fleischmann's Unsalted Margarine. But last night I found what appears to be dairy-free TUBS of margarine. The ingredients are a little different than in the sticks and it says it does contain salt. But the bold allergy line just says it contains soy, like the sticks. We will try it out soon. Jeff is excited about this!

UPDATE: We love the Fleischmann's margarine in a tub! It's so creamy and easy to spread, unlike the sticks. Miles had no problems with it. And the taste might be a little better too, as it does contain salt unlike the sticks. Who knew!

Duncan Hines Chocolate Chip Brownie Mix: Wow, this is as cool as the Duncan Hines dairy-free chocolate chip cookie mix and brownie mix find! There is actually a Duncan Hines brownie mix that has chocolate chips in it, that is dairy-free. Like the cookie mix, the chips are made with chocolate liquor. I think they were called something like Triple Chocolate Brownies. Can't wait to try these!


Amy said...

Ooh, let me know about the tub of margarine. We get tired of the fleischman sticks!

Niki said...

I am so psyched to try out the brownies and cookies! My son is allergic to milk and soy and treats are hard to come by.

We have always used Duncan Hines spice cake, yellow cake, and devil's food cake mixes but never thought to check brownies or cookies...we just assumed they'd have milk in them!

My son thanks you!


Jamie Kaufmann said...

Amy, we love the margarine!

Niki, the DH cookies do have soy and wheat. The plain brownies just have wheat. I don't have the choc chip brownies so can't remember if there's soy in those or not. But at least you have the plain brownies going for ya! Let me know if they work out.

J Cakes said...

I am so glad I found this blog! My nephew is allergic to milk and he is now starting to show some emotions when he sees us eating egg & milk products and he can't have any!

Thanks for creating this.

Anonymous said...

My Son has a severe milk/soy allergy and these are great finds, thank you!! As for easy spread margarine w/ salt, I have found that Blue Bonnet Light is dairy free.

Jamie Kaufmann said...

thanks for the tip!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Wow I had never thought to check duncan hines mixes either...will definately see if my store carries the cookies and brownie mixes - THANKS!

Anonymous said...

from a Milk Allergy dad for mom...
try Smart Balance LIGHT tub ... not great for baking, good for spreading
contains 90mg sodium per 1 Tbsp, but not a great amount for an active 10 and 12 yr old.

Fleischman's Unsalted stick marg. is increasingly a challenge to find...any suggestions?

FOR your celebration of Christ's birthday ... NON-DAIRY finds .... chocolate chips ....
Brand : Kroger Value Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips (contains soy ... we found out cocoa butter is NON-DAIRY)
I apologize if you are not near a Kroger grocery store

Anonymous said...

Beware of the Kroger brand semisweet chocolate pieces! We previously used them, but they were recalled 2-3 times within a year for having MILK chocolate pieces mixed in. Evidently it is manufactured in the same facility BUT not mentioned on the packaging since it's now required.

We also use Earth Balance buttery spread which is great for spreading and baking (although not for sugar cookies - they spread). We find it at Kroger, Food Lion, and maybe Harris Teeter.